Don’t mix up! Similar characters

chinese charachters that look similar

While studying Chinese you may encounter some characters that look similar. This table will help you to see the difference clearly, and to learn them once and for always.

fū a man tiān sky
便 biàn convenient; pián (f.e. in the word piányi – cheap) 使 shĭ to use
niú a cow wŭ noon
jĭ how many jiŭ nine
nóng acriculture yī clothes
gān 1) to touch 2) dry qiān a thousand
bèi shell jiàn to see
yuē to tell rì a sun; a day
yòu right shí a stone
yŏu a friend făn to fight
lì power dāo a knife

And three similar characters:

xiàng to (preposition) wèn to ask tóng the same



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