How to type Chinese characters

While studying Chinese, you will undoubtedly need to know how to type Chinese characters.

One of the ways to do this is to type with word’s pinyin. You will have to know the word’s pinyin transcription.
When you know pinyin, you can use the following simple methods to type characters:

They can be online and offline tools
1. Online typing of Chinese characters
This input method is the best if you don’t want to install an additional keyboard layout to your system, sometimes the additional keyboard is confusing.
So we use the following online tools:
1. Google
a very useful and convenient tool from google
google chinese input tool


2. Chinese tools
Pretty good tool for typing characters


3. InputKing
Default language is Simplified Chinese with pinyin input, but there are other variants, you can choose. You can simply type the word with the pinyin and choose the necessary character from the list



2. Offline typing
If you want to type the characters offline, you will need to install Chinese language to your system, and then select it as a keyboard for use.



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